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S1 Sport Shin Guard
S1 Sport Shin Guard

List Price: $30.00
Our Price: $30.00

Product Code: S1SPORT


With the S1 Shin Guard, problems such as shin pad eczema, shin pad rash, and shin pad abrasion are completely eliminated.

* Please note the small and medium S1 Shin Guards have the same size shield. Only the Sleeve changes sizes.

How? – Because the shin pad no longer has any direct contact with the leg!

The player now wears a completely permeable ultra light under section. This means that sweat passes straight through the under section and does not get trapped between the shin pad and the skin therefore leaving the skin free to sweat and breathe naturally. Not only does this mean the end of shin pad odor, but also the pad and under section are separate, meaning the pad only needs to be wiped clean and the under section is machine washable.

With the unique design of the under section, tape is a thing of the past as the pad will not move when properly fitted to the under section. Not only is this cost saving, it also eliminates the risk of restricting proper blood circulation within the leg area caused by applying tape too tightly.

The last abrasion point on a player’s leg is from Velcro. Unfortunately there is no substitute at the moment so to minimize the contact area and provide maximum comfort, we have lined it with velvet.
If the player becomes injured, because the shin pad is separate from the ankle and achilles pad and because there is no tape or boot to remove, the whole pad and under section can be removed in seconds.

Finally, the player can wear the under section only before playing, while warming up or training and as soon as they are ready to play, the pad can be fitted instantly.

S1 Official Video

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